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I needed to tell this story for you.
It is very obvious that I do not follow the Queen since its inception.
I was born five years after Freddie died.
My parents did not Likes Rock.
But it has nothing against me like the Queen.
I like the Queen since my 10 years.
I've never been in a show of Queen, or something.
And like the Queen made me have to listen to so much ...

My mother thinks the Queen a band somewhat weird.
And whenever I draw the members in the decade of 70 my parents think I'm drawing girls.
Went so far as my parents do not know that Freddie died.
But they surrendered to the Queen's charms.
Should be both myself listening, speaking, and paste posters in my room.
Also, I do not know what kind of you fans are, but here in Brazil there are two types of Queen fans; Queen fan with mercury, and the Queen fan without Freddie.
I do not fit in neither of them, because I admire the Queen 'old', but I like 'current Queen'.
And you guys do not know the amount of people who hate me for it.
Okay, I was not born in the epoch of Mercury, but I know the trajectory of the band.
Also my favorite this member retired, John Deacon.
And even so I dont criticize 'current Queen'.
I think everyone has the right to express their opinion, but  say that the Queen should have ended after Freddie's death is selfishness.
For Roger and Brian are also part of QUEEN
 And they want to continue, which is an optimal opportunity for people like me, who have never seen a show of live Queen. Of course it's not the same without the Mercury, but it's so cool that what they are doing.
So yes, I support this new Queen.
For as we know, Freddie is a legend and will always be part of the Queen, Therefore, The Queen must go on.
It is a Deacon penalty no longer with them ...
But anyway I'm happy with this 'new Queen' and I'm doing everything to go at Rock in Rio just to see them up close for the first time.
I hope I can
It's like a dream for me to see the Queen at least once in life.


HannyAngel's Profile Picture
Oi, meu apelido é Ane (se você estiver se perguntando porque aqui eu me chamo Hanny, bem, este nome já existia aqui... mas Hanny é um nome bem legal também...) Ane é a abreviação do meu nome...

Adoro arte por isso me escrevi aqui ( Isso é meio obvio, eu sei, Mas é a verdade)

bem, eu acho que não desenho muito bem, mas isso é apenas um hobby, adoro desenhar, não tenho nem uma tecnica em si. Nunca fiz curso de desenho ou coisas do tipo, mas tento me aprimorar a cada dia que passa.

Eu não sei bem o que escrever aqui então vou atualizar quando pensar em algo melhor...
hello, my name is Ane (I know my name here is 'Hanny', but the name Anne existed here, he he he ...) Ane is the abbreviation of my name ...

I love art, so I made my login, to monitor more closely what is going on here

well, I think not drawing well, but this is just a hobby, I love to draw, I have neither a technique itself. I've never done drawing course or the like, but try to improve myself every day that passes

Well, I do not quite know what to write here, so I will update anytime

  * Ah, I do not know much about English, so excuse me if something is misspelled ... (a few sentences that I write in Portuguese put the translation in English)

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